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Anti-pandemic Documentary

The series of documentaries "The Walk of Life" narrates how the Penang General Hospital and front-line medical staff in the field of public health held their posts and shouldered the heavy responsibility of pandemic prevention after the outbreak of the new coronavirus in 2020.

The DaAI. Channel. Malaysia Penang media production team, with the full cooperation of the Penang Department of Health, made a documentary to record the daily challenges of this group of front-line healthcare workers battling against Covid-19. Nearly fifty medical staff were interviewed, narrating their precious anti-pandemic experience through the lens.

Stay tuned as "Walk of Life" will be broadcast soon.

Episode 1 : Penang General Hospital

▌WALK OF LIFE | Penang Anti-pandemic Documentary |

Episode 1: CASTLE OF LIFE ▌

The hospital, a place of hope as sicknesses are cured there. When the pandemic was severe, it was heartwarming to see medical personnel stepping forward and fought at the forefront.For patients, doctors are their only hope and support. Knowing this, despite putting their life at risk, doctors put aside their fear and worry, going on with their daily routine with deep dedication.


The emergency department is the first-line defence of the hospital to contain the pandemic. The emergency department medical workers guard the first-line of defence and play their own responsibilities to battle against the novel coronavirus.

Care packages to frontliners

Seeing the medical frontliners working hard under high pressure, Tzu Chi Johor Bahru specially prepares care packages for them. The care packages not only boost their morale, but also soothe the emotional stress. Tzu Chi volunteers shout out to them: “Thank you medical frontliners.”

Community support to save lives

TIMAPerak members and TzuChiPerak volunteers collaborated to donate medical equipment to Hospital RajaPermaisuriBainun in Ipoh. They hope to bring relief to medical frontliners and help patients recover.

Another medical equipment donation

Following the contribution of 5 vital signs monitors and 5 automated external defibrillators (AED) last week, Tzu Chi Johor Bahru donated another 10 vital signs monitors to Hospital Sultanah Aminah.

They hope these equipment can bring relief to medical workers and save more lives.

What Is Your Reading Habits

Malaysians only read 15 books a year on average, which shows that Malaysian's reading habits are low. If this phenomenon is not improved, it will have an impact on individuals, society, and even the country. Studies have found that reading helps to promote creativity, so we should all develop reading habits as soon as possible.

Traditional Values About Children & New Clothing

Tzu Chi volunteer Tok Fang Lin heard that children who wear secondhand clothing will grow up healthy from her mother-in-law, so she always gave them secondhand clothes.

School Has Been Flooded

In Johor, Malaysia, it rained heavily in April, leading to floods in low-lying areas. In the aftermath of the flood, Tzu Chi volunteers in Batu Pahat mobilized to help clean up schools and residents' homes.