Da Ai Headlines

A daily English program that features the good deeds Tzu Chi volunteers across the globe are carrying out and other hot issues of the moment. The program helps non-Chinese viewers to get to know Tzu Chi, while some Chinese viewers watch the program to learn English. Overall the daily news show is produced under a tight deadline of only a couple of translators, with each member of the team wearing multiple hats. Together the English news team simply hope to spread the true, honest, and beautiful stories of the hard working Tzu Chi volunteers.

Secondhand Computers For All

Middle and Elementary school students in Malaysia have not been able to return to school for over two months now, studying in online courses. Some of the Tzu Chi care recipient families couldn't even afford to buy a computer, using mobile phones to attend online classes. Upon hearing the news, Tzu Chi Johor Bahru Branch gathered up secondhand laptops, helping disadvantaged students.

Helping Care Recipient Through Tough

In Malaysia, the COVID situation has impacted the economy. Tzu Chi Malaysia Chapter has initiated a pandemic relief plan, to provide help to care recipients. Hoping the care recipients can get through the tough times.

TimesFinancial Struggling Citizens

As the Malaysian government imposed several Movement Control Orders, causing many to go into financial difficulties as kind people initiated movements to help people in need. Displaying the loving nature of Malaysians.

Care Packages For Health Care Workers

To alleviate the pandemic's impact in Malaysia, Tzu Chi volunteers donated needed medical equipment. In addition, they also prepared care packages for the medical workers. In response, the nurses at a local hospital donated bamboo coin banks to repay Tzu Chi.

TC Donated Medical Equipment To Health Center

Tzu Chi volunteers from Kedah, Malaysia, donated a batch of much needed medical equipment to a health center, relieving their tight medical capacity.

Medical Volunteers Vaccinating Residents

To battle the pandemic, Malaysia government calls for more medical volunteers.Retired doctor Leong Hean Choon and dentist Tan Kuan Ming have both volunteered at the vaccination station.

Must Get Vaccinated

As Malaysia’s COVID cases rise, the government is forced to establish multiple vaccination centers in order to speed up the rate of vaccinations. UTAR’s campus becomes a drive-through vaccination station, assisting the government in their efforts to vaccinate the public.

Switching To A Vegetarian Diet

In Malaysia, Tzu Chi volunteer Yau Boon Kang had a bad temper before he adopted a vegetarian diet. Back then, people around him feared him. Then, because his children attended Tzu Chi kindergarten and were encouraged to embrace vegetarianism, he also switched to a vegetarian diet. Since then, he has become kinder and more compassionate. His wife is very grateful for his change

Packing Jing Si Folding Bed

In Kelantan, Malaysia, COVID isolation center has received double decked beds from national natural disaster management commission. As a result, they could return 352 Jing Si folding beds to Tzu Chi. Volunteers went to isolation center to get the Jing Si folding beds and packed them for future use.