Joyful Lives of Giving.10. Ng Phaik Hwa

I just hope I can accompany them, I can do my best to accompany them, I will be with them until they overcome the hardship. -- Ng Phaik Hwa

Joyful Lives of Giving.09. Wan Thiam Leong

When you think of him as your family or parents,you are worried that you do not do sufficiently. You will never be afraid that you cannot do much. -- Wan Thiam Leong

Joyful Lives of Giving.08. Tan Poh Choo

Spread love to every place and every corner If possible even cultivate a mind-purifying stream in everyone’s heart as Master’s wishes. -- Oon Kee Chuan

Joyful Lives of Giving.07. Teoh Siew Khim

Because the Master always says that, Love the children of others with the love of a mother. We just have to treat them sincerely without bias, give them love and give them encouragement. -- Teoh Siew Khim

Joyful Lives of Giving.06. Tan Poh Choo

Whatever I can do now, to help other people I will try my best to help. Now I have to grasp every opportunity, life is impermanent, uncertainty might just come by. When we can still contribute we should do so instantly. -- Tan Poh Choo

Joyful Lives of Giving.05. Leow Khang Yee

Home visits can allow us to learn, how to spread our love. Sometimes life will encounter setbacks, going for home visits will be an encouragement. --Leow Khang Yee

Joyful Lives of Giving.04. Soon Shann Hwa

I think this is my own matter, this is how I think and life is short, it is really short. Time slips if you do not appreciate it, so being able to do it is my blessing .-- Soon Shann Hwa

Joyful Lives of Giving.03. Ong Beng Keong

During the home visit, we have to balance wisdom and #compassion. That’s what Master Cheng Yen taught us. -- OngBengKeong

Joyful Lives of Giving.02. Yeoh Eng Leong

We believe that there is no one in the world that I don’t trust; there is no one in the world that I don’t love; there is no one in the world that I don’t forgive. We learn from Master Cheng Yen’s teachings, and we practice it, not just by saying. -- YeohEngLeong

Joyful Lives of Giving.01.Neoh Poh Lay

Charity is my initial aspiration, so I won’t feel tired. Instead I feel joyful because I have learnt so much from their lives. When I have seen so many, I feel very blessed.-- NeohPohLay