Love Without Boundaries

Go Green Movement - ViTrox Technologies driving the vegetarian movement

Penang ViTrox Technologies includes a sustainable green environment initiative in its corporate social responsibilities. For 11 years, the company has been driving the vegetarian movement for both health and environmental benefits.

Students with their Education Dreams - The E-Learning Easily Programme

This pandemic has forced students to adapt to the new norm of studying at home.Tzu Chi volunteers brought a surprise gift to children, hoping that they can learn without challenges.

Mission Fulfilled in Silence

Tzu Chi Kelantan supports Jing Si multipurpose folding beds to the PKRC

Love Encourages Infected Children

Kelantan Snack Boxes


Call of Duty - TIMA Member Dr. Tan Lean Seng

TIMA (Tzu Chi International Medical Association) member Dr. Tan Lean Seng was active in providing free clinic services in the community before the COVID19 outbreak first occurred. During the pandemic, Dr. Tan upholds the mission, continues to safe guard lives and supports medical frontliners.


【Ku Disini Keranamu-MV】

In these difficult and dark times, your existence lights up our hope of life.

【MV】Tebarkan Kasih

Lirik Lagu dan Nyayian berasal dari DAAITV Indonesia

Parahnya wabak ini memang membimbangkan,Tetapi jejak kebaikan tidak pernah berhenti, kerana ada jejak cinta di mana-mana di dunia.

【MV】The Practice of Living Bodhisattva

Walking across streets and lanes in order to alleviate miseries

Not afraid of the cold winds at nightfall

in reaching out to bestow happiness